My best friend wrote this poem, won't you comment with a poem you wrote too? Once I saw the world as a vast and suffering bowl of scrambled eggs, unfortunately I disdain scrambled eggs, but I can handle scrambled eggs confused or mixed with cheese, ahh maybe a tinge of salt. Now I am dealing with… Continue reading Victory

The 11th Biggest City

The most important detail I can offer you about London, Ontario Canada is that it is the 11th biggest city in Canada. This is a great piece of information, and if I meet you at a music festival, and you are adamant to know, not just where I live currently, or where I am from—beyond… Continue reading The 11th Biggest City


Sometimes I wonder: what it would feel like to be in a body with a straighter spine, an almost perfectly even bite--all the back teeth on both sides touching when clenched, a body without tattoos for strangers to comment on and having never gone to bed with anyone if drunk. How wonderful though to be… Continue reading Wonder

Podcast Notes: Talk Straight and Sit Crooked.

Notes from Podcasts this week. Don't Die with Bob Forrest episode 106. I loved everything about episode 106, I love when the guys critique celebrities/ musicians—many whom they know. "Where are the songs about the suicide epidemic? Or the homeless problem in LA?" *People don't care about your feelings, they care about the actions you… Continue reading Podcast Notes: Talk Straight and Sit Crooked.

Skincare hacks, CST for cancer and mega synagogues…

Let’s start with the shallow: I went to Ulta today to buy some “Almost Lipstick” by Clinique because Jackie Schimmel touts it and she could sell me anything except $300 overalls and a shoe subscription service (The Bitch Bible Podcast). The saleswoman was grilling me a little about my skin care routine, which was not… Continue reading Skincare hacks, CST for cancer and mega synagogues…