A great long while ago, when the world was full of magic and the animals could talk, Quito (which means the center of the earth) was the name for the entire Republic of Ecuador. Quito is now the capital of Ecuador and host to some 3 million people and a four-hour flight from Miami. It… Continue reading Ecuador!



Sometimes I wonder: what it would feel like to be in a body with a straighter spine, an almost perfectly even bite--all the back teeth on both sides touching when clenched, a body without tattoos for strangers to comment on and having never gone to bed with anyone if drunk. How wonderful though to be… Continue reading Wonder

Podcast Notes: Talk Straight and Sit Crooked.

Notes from Podcasts this week. Don't Die with Bob Forrest episode 106. I loved everything about episode 106, I love when the guys critique celebrities/ musicians—many whom they know. "Where are the songs about the suicide epidemic? Or the homeless problem in LA?" *People don't care about your feelings, they care about the actions you… Continue reading Podcast Notes: Talk Straight and Sit Crooked.