The 11th Biggest City

The most important detail I can offer you about London, Ontario Canada is that it is the 11th biggest city in Canada. This is a great piece of information, and if I meet you at a music festival, and you are adamant to know, not just where I live currently, or where I am from—beyond… Continue reading The 11th Biggest City

All We Need

It is a balmy but pleasant early evening on Sunday, March 27th when my dad cruises up in the Prius to pick me up at Tampa General Hospital. He had last seen me two days earlier when he dropped me off to give birth to my surrogate baby. He’d hugged me goodbye, wished me well… Continue reading All We Need


Sometimes I wonder: what it would feel like to be in a body with a straighter spine, an almost perfectly even bite--all the back teeth on both sides touching when clenched, a body without tattoos for strangers to comment on and having never gone to bed with anyone if drunk. How wonderful though to be… Continue reading Wonder

Podcast Notes: Talk Straight and Sit Crooked.

Notes from Podcasts this week. Don't Die with Bob Forrest episode 106. I loved everything about episode 106, I love when the guys critique celebrities/ musicians—many whom they know. "Where are the songs about the suicide epidemic? Or the homeless problem in LA?" *People don't care about your feelings, they care about the actions you… Continue reading Podcast Notes: Talk Straight and Sit Crooked.

Skincare hacks, CST for cancer and mega synagogues…

Let’s start with the shallow: I went to Ulta today to buy some “Almost Lipstick” by Clinique because Jackie Schimmel touts it and she could sell me anything except $300 overalls and a shoe subscription service (The Bitch Bible Podcast). The saleswoman was grilling me a little about my skin care routine, which was not… Continue reading Skincare hacks, CST for cancer and mega synagogues…