Don’t You Love a Liberal Arts Education!

I recently wrote about circumcision as bizarre cultural appropriation and other historical and spiritual connections to the practice from my Jewish perspective. It was published on the Antioch University online magazine, The Odyssey. The best part is I received college credit for it and learned a lot along the way. You might learn something too (pretty much guarantee it). I almost titled it “All Penises Matter” but decided to break the journalism rule and use a pun in the title, The Nuts and Bolts of Circumcision. I did much research on this, I was so sick of learning about penis by the end. Ch-ch-check it out.


7 thoughts on “Don’t You Love a Liberal Arts Education!

  1. Emma, very interesting piece. What prompted you to take on such a “pointed” subject?
    That was for your uncircumcised readers. What are your thought as a woman on the differences of the two types & is one preferred by women over the other?
    Asking for a friend 🙂


    1. Hi Craig!
      I have watched a lot of my friends be very strong opponents to circumcision and compare it to things like tattoos and piercings and refer to it as mutilation. While I think circumcising for aesthetic reasons or no real reason is the weirdest form of cultural appropriation, there is more information worth considering about it. I attended a bris not long ago and thought it was beautiful. I don’t even know if I would circumcise my own son—some schools of Judaism just do a symbolic ceremony and roast hot dogs and tell Weiner jokes. But I think it’s important we look back at why it began in some cultures and why it might not be our place to judge this.

      My non-practicing Jewish friend said his wife told him when she had their son circumcised “if we don’t, no Jewish girls will give him blowjobs” 🤣 I wish I could have included that in my article but I just heard it yesterday.
      I think turtlenecks are in !


      1. Emma, Thanks for your thoughtful response. Being a man sans a turtleneck, I have grown fond on my penis without the extra warmth. Furthermore, I have rarely seen an circumcised one in the wild. Lest, we get our asses beat in the showers for peeking. Rarely seen in porn, me thinks the norm would be un. I can’t help to think from the female POV is must be a bit “different”. Your thoughts? C



    2. Hi Craig,
      Perhaps this would be good to take to e-mail / text or something, I don’t have your number anymore but I tried to connect with you on LinkdIn! Check your LinkdIn!


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