Podcast Notes: Talk Straight and Sit Crooked.

Notes from Podcasts this week. Don't Die with Bob Forrest episode 106. I loved everything about episode 106, I love when the guys critique celebrities/ musicians—many whom they know. "Where are the songs about the suicide epidemic? Or the homeless problem in LA?" *People don't care about your feelings, they care about the actions you… Continue reading Podcast Notes: Talk Straight and Sit Crooked.

Keeping It Simple/ Wabi Sabi

If it weren't for the great podcasts that have permeated my life in the last few months, I'm not sure I would have pulled on my recycled yoga mat sandals and buttoned up my big girl Gucci-Goodwill jeans to write for the enjoyment of writing (online) again. It feels EXHILARATING! TITILATING! Bouncy and juicy and...… Continue reading Keeping It Simple/ Wabi Sabi