Podcast Notes: Talk Straight and Sit Crooked.

Notes from Podcasts this week.


Don’t Die with Bob Forrest episode 106. I loved everything about episode 106, I love when the guys critique celebrities/ musicians—many whom they know. “Where are the songs about the suicide epidemic? Or the homeless problem in LA?”
*People don’t care about your feelings, they care about the actions you make.
*You aren’t at your peak and you’re going backwards too.
*John Lennon was a turd who’s been mythologized.
*The importance of advice from caring friends who really know us—if we are open to receiving it. Better than a paid therapist or our parents.
*When you are in the moment creating a song it feels good, later you realize the lyrics really aren’t that good, but it’s okay.

I listened to the GOOP podcast interview with Ray Dalio from a few weeks ago. I liked it. I didn’t completely understand how his company meetings involve visible stream of consciousness of all the employees, but the idea of greater transparency in business is intriguing. I also liked how Gwyneth reiterated something I heard in another GOOP interview from a few weeks ago—when you tell someone you need to talk straight to them, you are really calling their highest, best self forward to listen. And you can tell people that too, “I need to talk straight with you and I need your best self to step forward to listen”. LOVE this.

PS I recently skipped the annual Hulaween festival. It has come to my attention via Reddit that at least one person died at Hulaween 2019 from completing suicide. Hulaween has remained quiet and not publicly acknowledged it. It’s 2019, suicide is an epidemic and remaining silent about it, although perhaps good for investors of the festival, is shameful and not helpful.


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